Meet Joe.

Life hasn't been easy for Joe* recently. Not only is he battling chronic arthritis and dealing with respiratory problems, he has also just been diagnosed with dementia.

His condition started to deteriorate once he began having interrupted sleep. In the middle of the night he would wake up, confused, unsure of where he was, feeling very anxious. His wife, Angela, sat up with him each night hoping to reassure him, however, this took a toll on her. In order to keep both their parents safe, their adult children began to take turns keeping their father company through the nights.

Joe's night-time episodes began happening more frequently with mounting anxiety. His family wanted to do everything they could to make things better for him, but the impact on their own health/lives was getting overwhelming. When the family no longer felt like they could give Joe the care he needed, they contacted the care team at Angel Home Care Services, Inc.


First point of contact.

When Joe's family first contacted AHC, they felt out of their depth with the situation at home. The care team understood the mixed feelings of the family and their first aim was to put them at ease. Together they went through Joe's history, discussing his health problems and the fact that his condition had recently become more worrying with the night waking. The team knew from experience how much strain this type of situation can put on everyone concerned and were able to give the family some valuable advice.

The next stage was the Assessment, where the family, the Care team, and most importantly Joe himself, met in person to discuss how to go forward. Joe was very involved in the process of deciding what type of care he should receive and how it should be organized- everyone was pleased with the arrangements.

Happier and healthier.

Now, Joe has a small group of caregivers that he knows well, and they provide the care he needs. There is always someone there at night, and together the team have come up with a system for when he wakes at night so that he can now get back to sleep with minimal anxiety and confusion. He has a reduced his anxiety and increased the quality of his sleep. Now, he's actually happier and more relaxed during the daytime as well. He is more able to communicate and enjoys family life again.

It isn't just Joe who has felt the benefits of having support from the care team; Angela's health has improved and she is enjoying spending time with her husband without so much worry. The care team continues to tailor their support to how Joe is feeling. For example, when times are hard, they provide waking care and when he is doing better, they offer sleeping night care. The important thing is that the help and support Joe receives is flexible and reliable, and the whole family is happier as a result.

* Names have been changed for privacy.