Meet Lydia.

Lydia*, a women in her late 70s, lives in a small home with her husband. After Lydia underwent a complete hip replacement surgery her husband Raymond was concerned that he would not be able to fully care for her as soon as she came home from the hospital. They had signed up to work with another home care agency, but the other agency ended up canceling at the last minute, leaving the family scrambling to find someone that could care for Lydia when she got home.


Lydia's Care Assessment

Raymond called to let us know that his wife would need care that same day. The office manager was able to make arrangements to visit Lydia in the hospital two hours from the time Raymond called. She put together a care plan from the information she gathered from everyone at the hospital so that a caregiver could be chosen, make sure they had the appropriate training, and were ready to assist Lydia when she came home.

After the assessment, the office manager suggested Lydia would do best from having 24 hour care for a short period of time. We coordinated our efforts with the hospital staff to ensure that Lydia could make a smooth transition between her home and the hospital. Until she could fully recover from her surgery, a caregiver would help Lydia with her hygiene and personal care, provide help with therapy exercises, and help in the home with activities like food preparation. Lydia wanted a caregiver at home around the clock because she was nervous she would have a hard time at night without extra help.

Lydia's Care

Lydia and Raymond were both so pleased with the caregivers that helped Lydia during her recovery. They felt like the care team was thorough and provided just what they needed and the caregivers came prepared to assist her jumping right in to help. Lydia especially developed a wonderful relationship with her main caregiver who she thought was the sweetest woman, and she even ended up learning how to bake her favorite pies for her.

Service was provided during a three week period, and during that time Lydia was pleased to have been able to regain full independence. Her surgery was considered a success and her recovery was quicker than everyone expected. During this time Lydia was able to regain full independence, her speed of recovery exceeded expectations, and the operation was deemed extremely successful. Lydia and Raymond now feel relieved as they know that anytime they need support all they need to do is call.

* Names have been changed for privacy.